Learning about the war

This week 1/2CL talked to us about the animals that were used in the war, here are some: birds, dogs and horses. The birds sent messages to other people whereas the horses and the dogs would help people back to their trenches.The learning continues.

An interesting poem

This week, I've talked to Lily and Ewan about what they have been up to this week! Ewan and Lily have been learning about a poem called' The Morning Rush'. Its about a person who is in a rush to get to school. If you haven't already, please take a look.

A Christmas Nativity is here

This week reception have been rehearsing and acting out their version of The Nativity in the best quality they can. I was lucky enough to experience their fabulously filled winter wonderland of the Story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a one hour play. Have a lovely Christmas!

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