Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers,          

Thank you to all those that have sent items in for the Christmas Fayre, we really appreciate your support! Next week is a particularly exciting one as it is our theme week for this term —we are learning all about the USA! We look forward to lots of exciting     lessons, including line dancing on Wednesday! We’ll tell you all about in next week’s newsletter.

Many thanks,

Jon Stevens.

Key Stage 1 Trip to The Black Country Museum

Report by Lillie-Rose Cox and Priya Barnett

Last week we went to the Black Country Museum. We saw houses and shops from the olden days. Some of them were used when World War I was going on. We went in the school and learned the alphabet backwards. In the olden days when children went to school, they needed to have clean shoes and clean hands. If they didn’t, they would have to be hit on the hand by a cane in front of all the other children! We really enjoyed writing four different letters on slates. We were taught the 12 times table. Our favourite parts of the trip were the pigs called Bill and Ben. The cinema was also really funny. We saw a Charlie Chaplin film. It was a lovely at the Black Country Museum and we would like to go there again!

Christmas Fayre Mufti Day Number 2! Friday 30th November

Thank you for all the items brought in today! Our Christmas Fayre is rapidly approaching so we would like to invite children to, once again, wear mufti in exchange for items next Friday. Please can       Foundation & Key Stage 1 children bring in cakes/biscuits (not home made please) and can Key Stage 2 bring in bottles. Thank you for your support!

Dates for your Diary

Years 3&4 Trip - Friday 30th       November.

USA themed week - Mon 26th Nov - Fri 30th Nov.

Christmas Fayre - Thursday 6th December at 3.30pm

Astley Burf Meeting (Y3/4) - Tuesday 27th Nov in 5C

Attendance for this week is:95%

A reminder that if your child reaches the absence trigger of 10% unauthorised absence or 12 sessions (1 day is two sessions) in a 6 week period, your case will be referred to the Education Investigation Service, who will contact you and may fine you as a   result. Therefore, please make sure that your child comes to school every day.


All homework letters are now on the school website and will not be photocopied anymore.

Please ensure that the school office is informed if someone else is collecting your child at the end of the day.

Book Fayre in the hall 3.30pm Mon —Thurs next week!

Bromley Bees

Every Wednesday morning      

9.00am - 10.15am     Please come along and join the fun!

Parent/Governor Meetings

Governors were invited to meet with parents on two occasions this term. Only two parents were able to attend but important discussions were had around the issues listed below. These issues were taken to the   full governing board meeting this week and we would like to share the outcomes for each point raised.

Feedback and outcomes from these meetings not being received quickly enough by parents.

Following any meeting with parents it is essential to bring the points raised to the next full governing board meeting. The dates of these meetings are set during the summer term and the governors’ meeting that took place on Wednesday 21st November was the closest to these recent parent meetings. Therefore, they had to be brought to discussion this week before outcomes could be reached. We fully intend to follow each parent/gov meeting with this type of feedback on the newsletter so that parents/carers are fully informed. The next parent/governor meeting will take place in the spring term and will be on the same day as the full governing board meeting so that feedback will be available on the newsletter that week.

Notice boards on playground not being utilised enough.

We fully accept this important point raised and will endeavour to use them as a useful source of information in the future.

Screening along the perimeter of the playground wanted.

This is a very important point and one we are working hard to complete. We currently have one quote and are awaiting two further quotes before making a decision. It is the Financial Standards policy that states that three quotes have to be obtained prior to any commencement of work and one which we have to adhere to.

Zero tolerance policy-parents unsure what zero tolerance means or how it is applied.

Staff, parents and pupils have the right to attend this school free from any threat or fear of abuse and violence. The school head, together with the governors have agreed a zero tolerance policy. This means, that if any person is abusive or violent towards any person on the school premises, the head or deputy retains the right to have the offending person removed from the premises or banned from entering the school grounds. Each incident will be investigated by the headteacher. When Mr Stevens has completed his investigation into the incident, a decision will be made on the information before him and appropriate action taken. Not all information relating to the incident will be shared with parents due to data protection, however, parents involved will be informed of the decision and why. This may or may not result in further consequences, ie: warnings/ban. The purpose of the investigation and any action taken is to prevent repetition of behaviour found to be unacceptable. The application of a decision to ban someone from entering the school grounds will not be taken lightly.

Some parents thought reminders about school uniform were too late. (September 2018)

Bromley Hills Uniform is and has always been on the school website. No changes since the introduction of polo shirts some years ago, have been made. We have noticed that some children have started wearing trainers instead of school shoes and therefore thought a reminder on the newsletter would be helpful. We will ensure that this reminder takes place during the summer term next year so that all parents/carers are aware.

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