We've joined Facebook!

In an effort to promote our positive school community and in keeping with the way many people interact with technology, we are pleased to announce the launch of our school Facebook page.

Our Facebook page is primarily a news feed and will be used to celebrate what the children are achieving in school, provide reminders of important dates and events, promote the school to prospective parents and develop a sense of community. This Facebook page is supplementary to our existing school communications channels and will not replace regular communication channels such as Teachers2Parents, EvidenceMe, emails and the school newsletters.

Please be aware that individual queries and comments will not be answered through the Facebook page - you should still contact the office or your child's classteacher in this instance.

Click here to view the official Bromley Hills Facebook page. This page will be managed periodically during school hours. If you wish to Like and use our Facebook page, please familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct relating to our page.

Please do bear with us, as we adopt this new platform, our primary focus is the education of your child/children.

Facebook Code of Conduct

Purpose: Our intent is to use this digital means to promote a sense of community, share successes and school news and to provide parents and the wider community with information about school activities and events through a medium preferred by many.

Using real names: All users interacting with the Bromley Hills Primary School Facebook page must do so using a Facebook account that clearly identifies them by their real name.

Posting Comments: In the spirit of community building and positive reflection, all posts are to be expressed in a positive frame. If you wish to leave a comment on a post, it is expected that posts do not contain negative, abusive or inappropriate sentiment and that language used is appropriate and not offensive. Posts must not negatively target our members of staff (see ‘Raising Issues’ for more information). We reserve the right to remove comments that do not adhere to this.

Raising issues: It is not the intent of our school Facebook page to create a complaints and issues page. Please use appropriate forums, such as direct contact, to do so and follow the school procedures and codes of conduct relating to the handling of complaints and issues. We remind the community that some things are best dealt with privately and that school issues should be dealt with by the school.

Issues involving any of the students, staff or members of the parent community must not be communicated via Facebook. We will not support any interactions that incite or contribute to negative sentiments.

Similarly, the school will not respond directly to requests or messages on Facebook. If you need to contact the school, please either contact the office or speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance (as is our accepted process). Should you require further assistance, contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The school can be contacted on 01384 816940.

We reserve the right to block access by anyone who abuses our trust (See below).

Interaction: Initially, users will be able to comment on the school’s postings and on comments by other users. Users will also be able to ‘react’ to a post or comment by clicking the ‘like’ button. Users will not be able to author a posting of their own or upload media (photos and videos). These user permissions will be reviewed over time, and assessments will be made about access based on use.

Underage Facebook users: People under the age of 13 years are prohibited by Facebook’s Terms and Conditions from creating an account, therefore the Bromley Hills Primary School Facebook page is a forum for adults to engage and demonstrate appropriate and positive online behaviour. Bromley Hills Primary School does not endorse children under the age 13 year old threshold imposed by Facebook creating their own Facebook account.

Friending school staff on Facebook: All school staff operate under a Code of Conduct that states that they are to maintain a professional relationship with students and parents and must refrain from social interaction. Please do not request to friend our teachers or school staff on Facebook.

Moderation and Blocking: Bromley Hills Primary School reserves the right to ban any user from interacting with its Facebook page for breaches of this Code of Conduct. We also reserve the right to set the strength level of the Facebook profanity filter and to add additional words, emojis and names to the page’s blocklist as we see necessary.

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