Vision, Values, Aims & Ethos

Here at Bromley Hills, we pride ourselves on nurturing a happy, caring and safe environment, where all children can flourish. Only when children feel safe are they are able to learn. It is through our vision, values, aims and ethos, that we teach children the fundamental building blocks to become a successful learner.

Our Mission Statement

It’s time to shine - together we will succeed and achieve.

Our Vision

At Bromley Hills, we promote a positive culture of social and emotional well-being and mental health resilience for pupils, staff and our community. We want our children to achieve their full potential; learning through an inspiring and engaging curriculum; creating life long memories, so that they are equipped with the necessary lifelong skills to enable them to become confident and independent valued members of our British society.

Our Values

  • Work as a team
  • Care
  • Cooperate
  • Treat one another with respect
  • Are honest with one another

Our Aims & Ethos

Inspire learners to:

  • be independent
  • persevere
  • be honest
  • trust
  • be caring
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