Special Educational Needs (SEN) at Bromley Hills

School SENDCo

Ms Lees is our SENDCo for Y1-Y3 and can be contacted on 01384 816940 or via email: clees@bromhills.dudley.sch.uk

Mrs Britton is our SENDCo for Y4-6 and can be contacted on 01384 816940 or via email: nbritton1@bromhills.dudley.sch.uk 

Miss Powis, Pre-School Manager, can be contacted for Pre-School children and can be contacted on 01384 816940 or via email: epowis@bromhills.dudley.sch.uk 

How we support children to access the curriculum

  • The environment is stimulating, supportive and well resourced. Wall and interactive displays provide prompts and reminders to encourage children to learn and achieve independently.
  • If children have a Statement of Special Educational Need or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), there may be additional teaching assistance so that specialised support is available.
  • Classes are well resourced for children with additional needs.
  • All staff will have access to training, advice and resources to enable them to contribute to developing fully inclusive practice.

We support literacy and numeracy

Strategies and interventions are in place to support literacy and numeracy. Teachers and teaching assistants make sure the classroom environment is full of well organised wall displays to support learning in all areas of the curriculum.

For children with specific learning needs relevant interventions and strategies are put in place, such as a personalised 5 minute target box.

We support speech and language development

Teachers make sure their classes have lots of language support and activities. Many of our staff are trained to provide specific interventions such as Language for Learning. We work in partnership with speech and language therapists to plan and deliver support for children with specific difficulties.


In each class there are shared and displayed expectations about the rights and responsibilities of everyone in the class. We make sure all staff know and understand the reasons behind any difficult behaviour and how to respond.

When difficult situations occur, in relation to behaviour and emotional needs, we
have dedicated staff, who can work with the child.

We support children's physical needs

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists provide specific advice and guidance for target children. They also provide training for staff. Teaching assistants follow up any recommendations by providing specific interventions to children for handwriting or fine motor skills either individually or in small groups.

We have 2 care rooms at Bromley Hills.

We support children's medical needs

The school nurse visits school to carry out checks with children and to provide advice and training to staff. She also assists in writing Health and Care plans for children. In school we have a medical area for use by children and adults who are hurt or unwell. Medicines are stored safely in the the medical room. There is a team of staff who are first aid trained, we are able to administer medicines to children as directed by parents/ carers.

We work in partnership with parents and carers

Our open door policy encourages partnership working with parents/carers. We listen to what parents/carers tell us about their children and use that information to make sure everyone who works with a child understands their needs.

We work in partnership with other agencies

Bromley Hills Primary School have contracts with the NHS for Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology, and Learning Support Services. As a school we also work other agencies and professionals. We have an extensive knowledge of services to support children and families in the local community.

We monitor children's progress

We have a system to track and monitor all children’s progress using an electronic database and progress tracker. Through day to day teaching and learning, children are continually assessed and teachers’ planning responds to this. For particular children, more in depth assessments may be required. Some of these can be carried out by our SENCos and some times we ask external agencies to carry these out. (This is particularly in the case for applying for an Education, Health and Care Plan)

Arrangements for handling concerns from parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) about the support the school provides

In the first instance, please contact the SENDCo, Mrs Britton (Y4-Y6), or Ms Lees (Rec-Y3) (Miss Powis - Pre-School Manager - can be contacted regarding Pre-School) to outline your concerns. If you feel that your concern has not been resolved satisfactorily, please follow the guidance in our Complaints Policy.

The SEND Code of Practice outlines additional measures the Local Authority must set up for preventing and resolving disagreements. Parents/carers will be given the necessary information upon request.

Dudley's Local Offer

Dudley's Local Offer is a one stop resource of information and services available to children and young people (aged 0-25) with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), their parents, carers and families.

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