Early Years line dancing!

This week early years have been doing USA themed things. They did cheer leading made popcorn and did line dancing with the dance teacher. They had fun and had a great time. YEEHAW

A trip to the Black Country Museum with 1/2 J 22.11

Last week, 1/2 J and their friends went to the Black Country Museum! First of all, they went to an old-fashioned school. The teacher made them use their right hand, even if they were left handed! Weird right?! Next they went to a food shop where they saw pigs heads (don't worry they were only statues). They then went to the old fashioned cinema where they watched the all time favourite, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They said it was funny because Charlie kept on making jokes. Last of all they had lunch! They had yummy cheese sandwiches. Then it was time to go home. See you next time for more adventures with 1/2 !

Crazy science day 10.11

On Wednesday Early Years had a crazy science day. They grew plants and made healthy meals. They all dressed up as scientists by wearing white cloaks.Even teachers! They all enjoyed it and had a lot of fun doing some CRAZY experiments! We look forward to seeing more from the mad scientists down in Early Years next time.

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