Pre-School Paint a Rainbow!

“I coloured in a rainbow using paint. I practiced my fine motor skills by using my finger to match the correct colours. We went through what colours we needed and talked about how rainbows are made.”

1M's Romero Britto inspired Pop Art gallery

1M have been learning about the Brazilian artist Romero Britto who uses vibrant colours and bold patterns in his pieces. The children used these features to create their own pop art gallery. We think they've done a fantastic job!

Reception Forest School is open for business!

The children in Reception were excited for their first Forest School session on Friday where they enjoyed some mindfulness, making safety inspections and exploring the environment. They are looking forward to going out again each Friday and trying some new activities like woodworking and making forestry crafts!

2L science experiment

In 2L, the children have been investigating what a plant needs to grow. They used a reservoir for beans to grow with 1 in light and 1 in dark and they've been growing cress with and without water.

Pre-School see metamorphosis in action!

In Pre-School, over the last few weeks we have seen our amazing caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies. We've watched the amazing life cycle happen right in front of our eyes. We have fed and watered them for the last 3 weeks and today they were big and strong enough to be let outside!

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