A Cool Pre-school

In pre-school they have been learning about snow and water. They are reading One Snowy Night and they have also been making snowflakes. They have been painting snowflakes and freezing it in the freezer. When it started to melt you could see the paint. So cool!

By Charlie T

The Big Reception Freeze

Reception class learn about freezing and melting

In reception they have been learning all about the artic and have been talking about a bear and how freezing and melting works. Brrr it's that chilly time of year! 

Image result for ice melting


1/2CL's Flower Power!

In 1/2CL they have been learning about The Flower, which is a book they have been focusing on the past week in English. Oliver B said,” This is a good book.” The whole class definately recommend this book. 1/2CL has been reading this book at the end of the day at quiet time while eating their fruit and drink. They have enjoyed it so much and said they might be reading this for their future book.

By Grace A

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